Google Plus One - Google Strikes Back

April 6, 2011

Today I saw for the first time the Plus One feature, something I believe will NOT be a passing fad.

Google's +1 feature requires no complicated setup, simply login to your gmail account / google account, and your set to go.

Your searches have just become Social.  PPC as well as organic resulst!

Very simple and powerful... Google Strikes back!

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Will said...

Hi Dan - I notice it's been a while since you did this post, but I was just looking up articles on the +1 phenomenon for ads. I know that +1s help in the free SERPs substantially, but I can't find much on the PPC side.

Personally I've never +1'd an ad. I imagine it'll be mainly search marketing companies +1ing rather than consumers, but time will tell.

Cheers, Will

Carmen said...

Cool first time that I have seen how Google plus looks.. Thanks for showing us.

metamarketing said...

Great blog! Early in 2011, Google rolled out its "+1" initiative, which allows a social media component to searching the Web. With "+1" enabled, a Google search shows you the recommendations of your friends in Google Buzz and gives you the ability to click a "+1" button next to search results that you recommend, so that your friends can see the websites that you like.

Port Elizabeth Google Ads

Marian said...

Great post very interesting..

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