Content Targeting Tool - How to Choose Display Network Keywords

January 4, 2011

Dec 2010 Update:

There is now a superior keyword choosing tool, from within Adwords, a beta feature called: the contextual targeting tool...

The tool creates keyword groups, but you must be a "power user" in order to export to Adwords Editor, and the create new adgroups around these themes.

There are various and sundry methods for choosing kws for your enhanced content campaigns, ie. contextually targeted advertising on the content network…
The method I am testing is very similar to using the free Google Keyword Tool, but I’ve found keywords to be somewhat different, plus keywordspy allows you to sort keywords according to “profitability”, which may be an indication of a good niche. Wonder Wheel may dive too deep into long tail terms, and the textanz method is too time consuming for my liking.
My sorting method is based on several factors:
  1. search volume and relevance, preferably at least 2 words
  2. keyword niche profitability… indicates a profitable niche
  3. choose between 5-15 broad keywords only
  4. keep an eye for negative keywords as well

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Netprofits said...

Great piece on the Google Wonder wheel. We need more of this sort of information. Thanks..I shall be back!

Claire Jarrett said...

Hi Dan

How's things? Can't believe I've not come across your blog before. Having some great success with the content network as well at the moment - I'm also a Keyword Spy user like yourself.

Speak soon!


KINGRPG said...

I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

ppc blog said...

keyword spy is a great tool and I have used it often but my advice is to take the ROI figures with a pinch of salt, they certainy serve as guide bot nothing more. Check your own adwords account against whay keywordspy thinks are your best ROI keywords and you will see what I mean.

Nikhil said...

hi friend,thanks for sharing .It adds a visual component to your keyword research turning it into a fun game.When you click a word at the end of the beam another keyword wheel pops up with your selected search term surrounded by related keywords.I think Wonder Wheel is more useful than Adverse.

Heinrich said...

Thank you for the information. I have not used keywordspy before and will give it a go.

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