Advanced Keyword Bid Management Method

November 23, 2009

The main components of this keyword bidding strategy are based on two main points…

  • phrase/exact kws receive higher placement
  • broad match kws receive lower placement

    We used to separate broad keywords into their own campaign, but found that technique to be a bit “overkill”, resulting in extra download times, and synching issues.
    Broad keywords can be triggered by many “unfocused” queries, so our purpose in aiming for position 5 or 6, and not higher, is to avoid these “tire kickers”.
    If you are not yet using Adwords Desktop Editor, its time to start, if you want to use this technique…
    • Within Adwords Editor, setup an “advanced search view”, one for broad match keywords, and another for phrase or exact keywords.
    advanced keyword bidding method
    • Select the broad kws view:
    adwords keyword bidding strategy
    Voila, now Editor will only show you Broad keywords in your account…
    Utilize Editor’s Advanced bid changes function to adjust bids, shooting for position 5/6…

    • Get your stats for yesterday or last week, depending on how often you optimize bids
    • Sort your broad kws by position…
    • highlight broad kws with position “lower” than 5.5
    • Utilize advance bid changes to increase bids by xx percent, whatever percentage you believe will increase your position to 5/6
    advanced bid changes
    • repeat same process with your higher ranked keywords, but this time lowering bids by xx percent, shooting for position 5/6.
    • Next use the exact/phrase filter, repeating the whole process, but this time shooting for position 3, if you want.
    Before we used this method, we commonly increased broad match keyword bids, along with phrase/exact, causing broad kws to have high rankings, and unnecessary high click costs and low cost per action costs.

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    Web Marketing said...

    These are really effective information regarding the keyword bidding management.

    SEOcompany said...

    Many bid management tools support multiple keyword advertising programs such as Overture, Looksmart, and Kanoodle.

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