Adwords Conversion Value Report

October 15, 2009

Below is a screenshot of a PPCPROZ client’s 6 month Conversion Value Report…

Adwords Conversion Value Report

This report is an invaluable “Big Picture” view of the account, showing us the main metrics.

  • impressions, clicks & cost, over time
  • Conversions: page views, sign ups and leads & their values
  • Cost per conversion (many per click)
  • Bottom Line metrics: Real Leads & Conversion Value/Cost

As this is a “new account”, trends can not be accurately assessed, as many things have changed in the account during the setup period, including losing conversion tracking for awhile, but you get the idea, and its a great “Big View” for the client, without getting confused with too many details. 

We run this report every month and send to the client.  This keeps them “in the loop” with a minimal of brain drain on their part, and their eye on the “pot of gold”, in this case real leads and ROI.

photo by: Mykl Roventine

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