Adwords Low Search Volume Keywords

June 16, 2009

With the new Adwords Beta release, we can finally see if our keywords are deemed “low search  volume”, as the cause for not triggering ads…

Unfortunately this is ONLY available on the beta web interface…

Low search volume data is NOT currently available in Reports and NOT available in Adwords Editor.  I’m sure this will change soon, as they are aware of this, and it has been escalated.

While in Beta, in the keyword tab…

adwords low search volume keywords

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Eloi said...

Ads not showing on the long really are one of Google's big mistakes/problems.

Currently, with extending match (broad), they are trying to get allt he advertisers onto the same keywords, and discarding low CPCs on long tail keywords, because there is not enough competition. Which is... outrageous.

Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem. I have all these keywords that were getting searched on last week, hundreds of clicks per day overall. Now none of them get any impressions because of "low search volume". Load of crap!

Alan Mitchell said...

Hi Dan,

I recently did some research to find out exactly how low search volume these keywords have, and found 'low search volume' keywords with up to 573 monthly searches

Hardly low search volume.

I agree with Eloi - automatically deactivating low search keywords is a poor move by Google, as it prevents small businesses, who can't compete with bug businesses on highly generic keywords, reach small niches through long-tail keyword targeting. Can only hurt Google's profitability in the long term.


PPCPROZ said...

Thanks Alan, enjoyed your post.

Before deleting lsv kws I'll check alltime search volume.

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