Free Adwords Coupon 2009 - $100 Promotional Credit

May 24, 2009

Congratulations on diving into Adwords.
In order to qualify for a FREE Adwords Coupon $100 Adwords Promotional Credit

  • You have opened your new Adwords Account very recently (0-10 days)
  • Filled out our Contact us form
  • In the contact us form, provide your 10 digit Adwords ID
  • In the contact form, provide the url of the domain you are promoting
  • Approve link request from PPCPROZ
  • Ping us on Skype, convince us the credit will only be used for a good purpose. 
  • Only then can we grant the $100 credit

No strings attached.

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Clinton Cimring said...

Good deal...

Leo Saraceni said...

Hey Dan,

Interesting promotion... but what exactly is an MCC linkage?


PPCPROZ said...

MCC is My Client Center. In order to be able to credit a new account, we must first "have access" to the account, a linkage via our manager account. This is the usual manner in which we give Adwords audits, as well as managing our existing clients.

After the linkage and $100 credit awarded, which must be completed before day 14 of a new account, you can then easily unlink.

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