Themezoom Review, and what is “theme mirroring”?

April 14, 2009

themezoom milk bottles analogy

How is “theme mirroring” like the milk bottles arcade game?

Inbound linking is the king of ranking, don’t forget that for one second.

Vertical market site theming allows one to setup the milk bottles (silos), so that when the inbound ball arrives… $ Kaching, or as Russell says, “allows you to swallow your market whole”.

Themezoom is not for the novice SEO.   Siloing allows you to setup your site so that you will need “less” inbounds. (the balls)

Once you understand your site’s unique market proposition, setup your silos accordingly… you can then more effectively implement your inbound linking and social media strategy, fully aware of your relevant vertical market segments. (silos)

Inbound Linking is King

  • # of inbounds
  • % of deep links
  • anchor text relevancy to silos (theme mirroring) ***
  • social media authority and relevancy

Don’t be confused by the LSI naysayers … “the algo does not recognize LSI”.  Siloing is all about common sense vertical market research and blueprinting.

If you don’t know your USP silos, how are you going to be able to “knock down” your milk bottles?

Next post: How to integrate PPC and VOMA – Vertical Online Market Analysis?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan. The right question always needs to be asked: "How does a webmaster rank for top level themes, mid tails and long tails using far fewer inbound links than non-researched websites?" Themes. Themes. But what are themes?

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