How I use Themezoom and Adwords PPC

April 28, 2009

We started using themezoom to run a vertical online market research for a new client of ours Which is a small local business in New York City specializing in building temporary walls and pressurized walls

Themezoom for Google Adwords Adgroups

Themezoom is a powerful and robust tool useful for:

  • VOMA – vertical online market research
  • Site Blueprinting
  • Choosing Adgroup themes for Adwords PPC

Themezoom is a rather expensive membership-based tool, but I think more affordable membership plans may be rolled out in the coming months.

We specialize in Adwords. My main interest in Themezoom is in regards to its utility in graphically mapping related keyword themes, which I may then implement as a new Adwords adgroup or campaign for our clients. Sure, we could do this using the Google keyword tool, checking off the synonyms radio box, which I do.

Themezoom maps themes according to competition pages, not search volume

I definitely understand the Themezoom competing pages metric for choosing the SEO market positioning, but I might prefer to default to search volume, if that was an available option. A search volume option would mirror the Google keyword tool’s utility in finding “search volume markets” rather than competing pages as the market indicator.

My Themezoom wish: create a separate tool for PPC marketers focusing on:

  • really affordable membership plan
  • option to map according to search volume or competition
  • build in a feature to facilitate building out the adgroup keywords with matching features, even negatives and export to csv

In the example image, we researched “drywall contractors” and came up with these related adgroup ideas, for example: pressurized walls which we will test for our client now.

Back to site blueprinting… utilizing the full Krakken suite… if we found a theme (adgroup/campaign) that converts in Adworrds, we would then include this theme as a silo before exporting to the site blueprinting module; if not, delete, unless the theme/silo is purely for articles or general interest.

Check out the new Themezoom Gladius tool, a free Themezoom tool that allows you to get a taste, see where your keyword lies in the competition continuum:

Phrase Arrow_right Microniche Arrow_right Niche Arrow_right Theme Arrow_right Market Segment Arrow_right Market Category Arrow_right Market

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