New Adwords Updated Interface Review

April 10, 2009

Overall I’m very interested in the new Adwords Interface, but I still find myself switching back to the old interface, I guess its just familiar, but over time, I’ll settle in to the new. New Interface Thursdays will keep us well-informed, thanks.

New Interface Advantages:

  • Similar to Editor in that you can sort entire account by keyword
  • Similar to Editor in how you can view account, by tree structure
  • Built on a new infrastructure; changes will roll out quickly
  • New infrastructure will be faster, not now, but will be
  • Inline Show Query and Placement Reports, wowaweewa

Things I’d like to see improved:

  • Primarily I’d like to see the show query report allow user to change kw match type enmasse, like we can with other features, like bid price, or position preference
  • I’d like to be able to resize columns, probably too much to ask :)

Overall, I’m sure we will all enjoy the new changes, especially the query report.  I had hoped to see more long tail queries, but I’m disappointed to still see mostly “other unique queries” though.

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Claire Jarrett said...

Must admit, I'm still using the old interface as often as I can, as I still really dislike the new interface!

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