Adwords Ads Status Reveals “Pending” versus “Under Review”

April 20, 2009

Adwords Beta Ad Status is much improved, showing the exact status of ads.  Hooray!

I’ve asked for this feature umpteen times.  They are listening!

Thank you.

No longer will I find myself contacting support to clarify what the status of my ads are, have they been reviewed yet, when will they be reviewed, can we expedite the review process…


Adwords Beta Clearly Reveals Ad Status


adworrds ad pending review

The above status: “pending review” will immediately run on Google search but not search partners or content network.


adwords ads under review status 

This ad drew special attention, thus “under review”, because I insisted on using the word “Demo” in my ad, and applied for an exception request. Makes sense that it would therefore not run on Google search until approval.

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Unknown said...

It says my keyword is "eligible" but "the keywords phrase doesn't currently trigger any of your ads". It says it is because you just ad the keyword or the system has delay.
But it's been a week and the status never changed.
there is no way to contact them.

PPCPROZ said...


That is frustrating, I have experienced that as well. Check that your ads are active as well?

I always go to live chat support, if I'm stumped.

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