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March 11, 2009


gmail advertising adwords content network 

Targeted Gmail Advertising:

It is now easily done, target:

Gmail is such and important placement… we commonly give its own campaign, and I'd suggest shooting for positions 1-3, probably, test it out.  In each adgroup of a gmail campaign, try out different "tangents" for keyword targeting.

Another great use for Gmail is for "previewing ad themes" for content ads.  If you have used gmail for awhile, just search the keyword theme you would like to preview... look on the right side at the ads... that is your preview!  Further down on the right side you see more about... these are your theme topics!

The Google content network, includes news pages, topic-specific websites, blogs, and other properties - such as Gmail and The New York Times…”

Gmail Advertising Was Once Held Hostage


Not too far back, I was quite frustrated in my attempts to advertise on gmail…Here is a transcript of my chat on the matter of advertising on gmail…

March 6, 2009:

Hello Dan,

Thank you for chatting in yesterday. I understand your concern about the ads within yourr content campaign not appearing on your
selected placements. I wanted to write with an update on this situation.
Your ads are not appearing on because this is not a valid
placement. In order for your ads to appear on gmail you must be opted into the whole content network, not just opted into placements. You can modify this setting within your 'Campaign Settings' page under the header 'Networks and bidding' by selecting 'Relevant pages across the entire network' instead of 'Relevant pages only on the placements I target.'

dan: in a previous chat w support, I was told: “In order for your ads to appear on gmail you must be opted into the whole content network, not just opted into placements.” i wanted to clarify this… this is correct? Why must we opt into entire content network in order to appear for gmail?

Support: One minute please. 

Support: I am able to confirm that for your ads to appear on the placement, you have to opt into the entire content network.

dan: but i don't want to appear for all of content network, only - this is very odd, yes? can you explain this? can you explain why we MUST opt into ALL of the content network in order to target ?

Support: Simply because is a part of the content network.
dan: is not a specific placement? you are not making sense.

Support: It was correct in saying that in order for your ads to appear on gmail you must be opted into the whole content network, not just opted into placements.

dan: i want my ads to appear on relevant pages on gmail, not the entire content network. why is this not possible?

Support: Please give me a minute.

Support: I am able to confirm that is not available for placement targeting.
dan: why? this is very odd
Support: I am not sure about why is not available for placement targeting.
dan: so you agree with me that this is a very confusing issue? there is absolutely no possible method to target ONLY gmail? it is either All or Nothing with Gmail targeting?
Support: Yes it is. The best possible way to find out this to is to key in the URL in the placements available page on the online interface.
dan: there is no possible method to target only gmail?
Support: No.
dan: wow, that is crazy
Support: Dan, I would recommend you to use the placements available page to get to know the sites that are available.
dan: do you have any insight as to why is not available?
Support: I am sorry I am running out of bandwidth. It looks like you're all set. If you have any more questions, please feel free to visit the AdWords Help Center at …
Support: I hope I have answered all your questions.
dan: i’m stunned

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Anonymous said...

Running out of bandwidth? That is just not a good thing for google to admit to!

Anonymous said...

Dan I´m really baffled by Google´s lack of explanation in your chat. I found your post as I´m having the same problem as you did. I´m trying to select gmail as one of my URL placement but I´m not able to. So here we are without any answer... Mr Google should pay more attention to things like that as we all are filling up his pockes!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think the 'Google guys' should look into this pot-hole.

However, i'm currently doing a new content network campaign now that its been re-invented, so pls kindly pass me tips on;

1. Bidding on placements & contents. Should i use CPC or CPM, im kinda confused on what to chose.

2. And finaly, when selecting my theme-based keywords frm Google keyword tool, shld i exceed 20 keywords list or less. Need your comments please!

Elan said...

1. We always use CPC bidding, I guess its just much more simple to calculate ROI with it than with CPM bidding. Make sure not to combine a search campaign with a content campaign.

2. When selecting keywords from the google keyword tool or from your brain or from brainstorming with friends the only thing that is important is that they are highly relevant to the product or service you are promoting. I would also suggest you don't use broad match if you are a newbie. It is also very important that every theme of keywords is grouped together in a very very tightly themed group; that way you can write highly relevant text ads for every single keyword.

P.S - If you would like me to keep an eye on your campaigns and shoot some tips at you every once and a while let me know.

Guchie said...

Thanks alot Elan, great tips! Guess i would be on my way with your invaluable tips, sure, once i need your service i'll hit you. One more thing pls, what the heck exactly is 'broad match', when advertising at Google placements? Pls throw an example...

Elan said...

Your very welcome! keywords are used in content campaigns to help Google find pages within the content network or within placements you are targeting that are relevant to your keywords and prevent your ad from showing on pages that aren't relevant; Thus creating a good advertising experience for people surfing the web by showing them relevant ads to the content on the site. The match type you use in a content campaign doesn't really effect the placement your ad will show, although Google recommends using broad match. A best practice with keyword targeted placement campaigns is creating tightly themed ad groups of no more then 29 broad keywords in order to help Google find relevant pages.

Guchie said...

Hey Elan, tested the waters with content network, bidding abt $0.50 and didnt convert much. Think i'll test placement targeting. Would dat mk any sense, if u so wld individual site bidding be also ideal?

mike rhodes said...

Dan - think this needs an update.
You can now target
But it does seem to work a little differently to the rest of the content network..

Ray said...

As Mike Rhodes said you can now target Gmail. I just finished watching a brief YouTube vid by Justin Lau on how to do this.

Here's the url:

Anonymous said...

what i dont get is how to target "keywords" in gmail. are you able to do that?

Anonymous said...

a great site that explains evertyhign on google gmail advertising is it helped me out a lot

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