Brian Carter: When is Pay Per Click no good?

March 1, 2009

  • limited budget or lack of self-confidence? I know of a personal trainer who is doing adwords, and setting a budget for himself at $3.00/day, not three hundred, three dollars. Obviously he can’t afford my services, but jeez, how about trying at least $20/day, ya? Give yourself a chance to get at least some clicks.
  • Even though people are not searching for: “hispanic clowns for cancer victims”  i’m sure you could bid on related queries, like: clowns for cancer, or hospital clowns, and hope they don’t mind that you are Black, Hispanic or Chinese.
  • I agree 100% on profit margins, although even then you could run a short campaign “loser” just to get some traffic and email subscribers. 

As a purely PPC company, we are kind of like a back surgeon… we’ll find a reason and logic to do the PPC ;)

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