Adwords Bloopers

March 27, 2009

I was recently searching for Clos de Gat wines…

And I saw these two ads, which can ONLY be explained with expanded broad match.

adwords broad match bloopers

Its kinda funny, as long as you aren’t the advertiser chump who is paying for these clicks.

clos is like clothes yeah?

clos de gat sounds like close de gate, yaa?

The ONLY method to avoid this nonsense is to avoid broad match altogether people, not that I’m fond of this approach, but it must be put out there, until Adwords allows advertisers to opt out of expanded broad match nonsense like this.

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Anonymous said...

hillarious! Excellent points which make you wonder whether or not the advertisers don't care or are in your words "chumps."

Anonymous said...

I suppose at least you can run a Search Query report and add in negative keywords to stop your ad appearing for completely irrelevant searches such as this... we have a tonne of negative keywords and some of them are completely bizarre...

Elan said...

Thats how it works... A really good technique for minimizing the damage of broad match is creating one campaign for phrase and exact, and another campaign with broad match and insert all of the keywords in the campaign as negative phrase match since they are already running in the (phrase and exact match) campaign. That way the broad keyword campaign will help you find negatives and new themes you haven't thought of to add to your phrase and exact campaign.

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