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February 13, 2009

Ever wanted to check if your ads are showing in the US while you are sitting in Honolulu. Well thats easy if your using Google Adwords since K-Logic came out with a great website just for that! www.K-viewer.com

But what happens if your a Yahoo Search Marketing advertiser? don't you also want to see what yours ads look like in real time? Who your competitors are? What position your ads are showing??? Well, I found the perfect solution for that problem. Use surfproxy.us to check your ads if you are advertising in the USA.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, what a great tool. I also love how it shows the Google Adsense preview for the keywords, country, and language selected.

Elan said...

Your welcome Phil! I guess you used this post to use K-viewer. where I was actually trying to point out a similar tool to use for yahoo search marketing advertisers. I am happy you like the tool! I use it all the time. Enjoy!

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