How to add Bullet points to Adwords Ad? (NOT)

February 3, 2009

My daily tasks are heavy on Ads Optimization, so when I recently learned how to add bullet points in Google adwords ads, I got pretty excited…

Update: Feb 4th 09 (read at end of post)

Its a “head slap”, why didn’t I think of that, right?

Clearly, in the above example, the ad with the bullet points jumps out at you? Of coarse if everyone is using bullets, think of another idea. The last ad uses quotes, another common technique to stand out.

If you are looking for the bullet… Read More... ;)

here you go: •

• copy and paste the bullet

• stick it in your ad

• experiment with placements

Update Feb 4 2009…

I wrote to adwords support to clarify the issue and received this reply…

Hello Dan,
Thank you for contacting Google AdWords support yesterday to receive
further clarification on whether text ads would be allowed to use bullet

I consulted our specialist team for whether it would be in
compliance with our Editorial Policy on Punctuation and Symbols, as
outlined here:
The specialist team said that bullet points would likely be considered
gimmicky or unnecessary punctuation.

If you have additional questions on AdWords policies, please visit the
Advertising Policies section of our Help Center at:

We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising


The Google AdWords Team

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