Google Adwords Search Wiki Live

February 14, 2009

The Adwords Search Wiki goes live in some areas, see image…


In order for the Adwords Wiki to be active, you must be logged in to your google account, ie. gmail, and this is very common indeed.

So, what are the implications?

I don’t think we really know… but I will be sure to update this post as the details become more clear:

  • if your Ad is x’d ie. removed, is this for only that particular search, all related searches in that category, or all searches?
  • is this experimental or permanent feature? I hope experimental
  • Twitterers are going nuts over this, bad that is
  • Some are suggesting its a method to entice more irrelevant clicks on the ads

As an adwords advertiser, it smells rotten to me. I could definitely see the following accidental scenario… searcher sees my ad, looks like exactly like what they want, perfect prospect… BUT, the searcher doesn't really understand this search wiki thing, and clicks on the x thinking that this will take him/her to the site… OUCH. Bad for advertiser, bad for Adwords.

OR… how about this one… searcher thinks he/she does understand this search wiki thing, but accidentally clicks on the AD, instead of the x…good for Adwords and bad for advertiser.

Conclusion: Adwords Search Wiki Sucks

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