Adgroup Name Affects Quality Score Directly!

February 16, 2009

I always love to find out exactly what Affects what and exactly how much it does (Science) in Google Adwords. Today as I was deleting duplicate keywords in my account I noticed that The same keyword got a different QS with different Adgroup names. In Adgroup the keyword had the exact same name as the Adgroup name and in the other the Adgroup name was very relevant yet not exactly the same. Not so surprisingly the keyword got a higher quality score in the Adgroup where it had the exact same name as the Adgroup name.

Keyword quality score test

What we learn from this little test is that Adgroup name effects keyword quality score directly and do, it is very important to have as much relevance possible between your Adgroup name and keyword.

I like to call this relevance factor “The Chain of Relevancy” best practice Pay Per Click advertising consists of a tight Adwords chain of relevance from Keyword > Text Ad > Banner Ad >Landing page. If indeed all of these factors are put in place correctly your chances of success PER keyword grow dramatically. Follow these basic rules of thumb and you are bound to be successful! =)

Some People have asked me if the Text ads and the landing pages were the same in both ad groups and the answer is : YES! and since I didnt launch both duplicate keywords I didnt get any history on them so I can not compare which one worked better.

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Peter Leshaw said...

Were your adtext and landing pages the same for both adgroups?

Unknown said...

Could it not also be that it simply ranks/decides quality score on what keyword was created first? For example it could be that the keyword was created in the "holy land gifts" group first by chance, whereas the keyword was later inserted into "holy land" at a later stage. Therefore could it be possible that simply because it was created first in the aforementioned group it had longer to generate enough performance history to gain a better quality score?

Elan said...

yes! the landing page and adtext were the same for both adgroups.

Marcos Nobre said...

Man, it's hard to believe!
Why in the name of God is adgroup name relevant to humans, stupid machine?
Could it be anything else? Historical effect maybe?

Elan said...


I uploaded both ad groups together at the same instant. so I don't think that is the reason. But I must say I have a had QS differences in the past due to duplicate keywords in the same campaign. So that may very well be a plausible reason. I am sure I will be making more posts regarding quality score and the different things that affect it.

Elan said...


There is no historical effect. Its a brand new account and a brand new campaign. =0

Anonymous said...

What other keywords were in each ad group?

The historical performance of each other keyword in the ad group will affect the QS of each new keyword that gets added.

I imagine the more generic ad group "holy land" included other more generic keywords with lower overall QS.

Anonymous said...

I will be testing this on my account in the next few weeks. That's an awesome find! Thanks for finding me on twitter - I'm excited to meet fellow SEM enthusiasts!

Elan said...


There were more keywords in the ad groups that didn't result in this interesting matter. My theory is the specific factor that made this difference is the keyword "gifts". Google probably gives this keyword more weight and due to the fact that the ad group name had that keyword in it made the difference in QS.

Since there was no history it couldn't have effected the QS of the keywords.


I would really appreciate it if you would share any results you find with us...

Frederik said...

Indeed interesting.

I never thought this actually would have an effect on the QS of the keyword.
Although Google loves relevance...

I will be testing this during the next couple of weeks.
I will post the results here.

Good spotted!

AnnLuck said...

I have to agree with Seth. I assume the group "holy land gifts" included closely related keywords. The general "holy land" group probably had a group QS lower than the gift group. Google does say that the keywords in the group will be part of the keyword QS.

Elan said...

Seth and AnnLuck,

Both ad groups had only 1 keyword and did not gather any historical data.

Matt Lambert said...

It does tally with an experience I had where someone had named an Ad Group 'competitors'.

It worked a lot better after that group was renamed :-) I hadn't thought that through to the conclusion you make above. Good work guys, an impressive find.

Goran Web said...

I have heard about some software that automatically creates adgroups based on each keyword which would help here. Does anyone know of this.

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