3 Secrets to Effectively Create Adwords Ads

February 24, 2009

  • Differentiate your ads from the pack, but try to use at least 1 kw in your headline and display url
  • Create ads in excel and use this simple conditional formatting trick, shown below: =LEN(D69)>35 This makes creating ads, so much less stressful, as you know when you’ve gone over the character limit, field turns color :)
  • Once you created your ads in excel, upload to Editor using add/update multiple ads

click Format and choose cell color. place this conditional formatting in first field and then drag down. change >35 to >25 for headline

I learned about this system from Howie Jacobsen, author of "Adwords for Dummies" and Glenn Livingston…

The system is called: Adwords Checkmate It is also recommended by Perry Marshall.

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gcrocker said...

Hey, good stuff. I converted the conditional highlighting to Google Spreadsheet and blogged about it here: http://www.glenncrocker.com/2009/02/writing-adwords-ads-with-google-spreadsheet/

PPCPROZ said...

Glenn's article on the "3 Christs of Yipsilanti"


Anonymous said...

I use a bit simpler Formula something like this:

(Replace a2 with whichever cell the headline is. For the first and second descriptions, I do ">35"
=if(len(a2)>25,concatenate("TOO LONG! ",len(a2)),"Good")

Recently, I've been making all of my ads pretty similar in each campaign, so I just create a couple of variations, and use the length formula below the ad copy to see what the length is. Not bothering with visuals - clients aren't seeing it anyways :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you. I notice white text contrasts better than black against red, so I use bold, white text against the red fill. Thanks again. Really helpful.

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