Adwords Image Search Results Review

January 27, 2009

Google Adwords quietly rolled out: Adwords Image Search Text Ads, displayed immediately above images. I imagine this new development will be announced soon at inside adwords blog.

adwords image search results

We have discovered that the Adwords Image Search Results Text Ads are part of the Google Search Network, even though this is a Google property.  If you desire to display text ads on the Image Search Results page, you must then be sure you are opted in to the Google Adwords Search Network.

adwords campaign setting screenshot

Pros/Cons of the new Image Search Results offering:

Pro: Greater reach for your Google Search Network Ads. Lots of people use Google Image Search.
Con: Image Searchers may be less likely to click on your offer?
Pro: Only shows top 2-3 ads, for now, so you need to be at the top.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like something you should be able to opt "out" of. You may want text ads to show on Google search partners, but not want ads to show on image search.

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