Adwords Content Eat the Cake Strategy

January 17, 2009

Recently, Adwords enabled keyword AND placement targeting, at the pay per click / cpc model - you can have your cake AND eat it.

What am I talking about? Before, you could only target sites on a cost per thousand impressions CPM model, which gets pretty expensive and usually isn’t too profitable. During this week Google has made a great change to the system...

photo by: skampy

In the past, if you wanted to target the content network using keywords, you could NOT target specific placement/websites.

Now you can, do both, on a pay per click model. Once you start using this model, and optimize correctly… cost per conversions can be incredibly low, better than search campaigns in fact! I’m seeing average conversions of $2 in some accounts!

Shelley Ellis says… “Actually 2 new flavors of that AdWords cake strategy. Try a sprinkle of keywords with or without "only on the placements I target"

I usually target specific placements AND the whole of the content network within this type of campaign. With ongoing optimization, using the placement report, add specific sites and optimize them accordingly and exclude unprofitable sites.

If someone tells you that content targeting "doesn't work" – it’s because they are talking of the “bad old days”. People indeed spend their time reading articles, visiting social sites, reading blogs and checking for what's new on their favorite sites. With this new targeting option, content just became a yummy option.

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