Efficient PPC Software Review

December 16, 2008

Following is a “first look” at the Speed PPC rival… “Efficient PPC”, produced by Affiliate Net Monster: Felix Leshno.

Efficient PPC Review

This post will receive periodic updates as we become more familiar with the software…

Here are first impressions:

  • download and installation were quick and easy
  • price is affordable, only $99 and $19/month or one-time $347
  • Integration of keyword modifiers lists to create long tails

I will focus now on this third aspect, as I find this to be my biggest challenge.  There are a maze of ppc tools we utilize in order to create modifiers and create a well-organized list of long tail keywords, vital to successful ppc campaigns.

IMO this is the biggest advantage of using a PPC Tool such as Efficient PPC, the integration of the concatenation tool, using saved modifier lists.  I have found myself saving these important modifier lists in various places, as excell worksheets, or text files, in their relevant client file folders.  Efficient PPC enables easy integration and implementation with these important lists.  Modifier lists is probably one of the most important ingredients in this process, but it is hard to keep it all organized, and reuse these lists. With this software, its easy.

Efficient PPC gives any user the power that is usually reserved for advance Adwords Editor users who are also well-versed in the use of Excell integration in adding and updating their accounts thru Editor. If you are not an intermediate-level Excell user, utilizing Efficient PPC will certainly give you all the benefits as a power user in creating the long tail keywords in your accounts, also important when adding keywords in all match types: broad, phrase and exact.

Ok, folks, that’s all the time I have for now, but I definitely plan to revise/add to this review as I become more familiar with the product.



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