Configuring Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

November 6, 2008

Unless you have conversion tracking you are BLIND! so it your top priority to understand & configure your conversion tracking correctly. In order to do this you must create a "Thank you" page - this is were your traffic/users will get redirected to after completing your goal/form/sale; And on this page you will place a conversion tracking code that will help track, understand & calculate your Return On Investment (ROI).

All you have to do is go to the conversion tracking tab in Adwords, copy your tracking code & paste it before the closing body tag at the bottom of the thank you page.

Once you do this you are ready to launch your Google Adwords campaign! Do not hesitate to go back and triple test your work.

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Anonymous said...

If you install Google Analytics, or another analytics script, you only need to place the GA tracking code on your template, ie. all your pages, and then setup "goals" and in this manner you don't need to place the adwords conversion codes on individual pages.

Elan said...

Its harder to optimize a Google Adwords campaign using Google Analytics goals. Adwords tracking makes optimizing much easier and more efficient since the history and stats are related directly to the keyword and adgroup.

hafid said...

I like use GA to tracking.O(∩_∩)O~

Elan said...

Well if you like using Google Analytics you should defiantly be using exact search query filters in Google analytics to see where exactly your traffic is coming from. The Google search query report is not enough.

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