Search Wiki - Bookmarking for Dumbasses?

November 29, 2008

Google's new search wiki system has its pros and cons, that is for sure.

How does this new search results system affect Google Adwords Advertisers, using pay per click PPC Adwords system?

The short is: it is more important than ever to utilize PPC, as searchers have more power to "vanish" your valuable organic listings. They cannot vanish your ppc listing, its an ad, remember?

Sure savy surfers can vanish ads too, if they employ advanced scripts, but that is not the norm. But now anyone can click that little x next to your hard-earned organic listing, vanishing it forever...

What to do?

In a previous post we discussed the importance of monitoring your organic listings and either keeping or pausing your PPC ads, depending on your rank. Now its not so simple an equation, or decision...

We can't know if our results are even appearing on the page, due to the new search wiki, assuming searcher is logged into their google account.

Only time will tell...

Maybe the SearchWiki will catch on as the dumbass easy bookmark tool of the new millennium?

If this indeed catches on, this could be the ultimate Google Slap that the SEO industry could not recover from, making PPC the last savior for search marketers?

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