Red Pill Adwords Marketing

November 17, 2008

The Red Pill refers to the "real world", that unpleasant reality we actually live in. The term comes from the 1999 movie, "The Matrix".

We have found that clients are skeptical of Pay Per Click Agencies that may be happy to spend their budgets, and collect their percentage of spend, but who are not improving key metrics. We have found that clients appreciate receiving weekly reporting, reviewing their Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and hopefully seeing improvements from week to week, and month to month.

If a ppc agency is not providing these vital reports, many times the client begins to get that uneasy feeling that "everything is not well", and they may be getting under served and over charged. We feel that this quadrant is our "Neo" quadrant, our strong service orientation, as referred to in the Copyblogger post, referred as Matrix Content Marketing.

photo by Frank Jacobi

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