PPC Landing Page Rules & Importance

November 3, 2008

Landing Page is the nickname for the page where you send your traffic from Google, Yahoo or MSN, basically in the PPC world it is the destination URL. Choosing & creating good landing pages is crucial to your campaigns success since it not enough to have a campaign with perfect structure and CTR Killer ads. If your landing page is not relevant to your keyword and text you will be penalized by Google and given a low QS.

Therefor it is very important that the title, meta title, text & meta tags of you destination URL contain the keyword you are bidding on.

That is not enough! Once you have understood your websites purpose & business model you must set a very clear goal for your PPC campaign and create a dedicated LP for that goal. The three most common goals are selling a singular product, selling several products (E-commerce) or gathering leads for different reasons. The process of collecting leads with a PPC campaign & Landing page is called "Lead Generation".

A good Lead generation landing page is built by some very clear and simple rules:
  1. Clear message in title containing the keywords & message the potential traffic is looking for.
  2. Write between three to six bullet points explaining in more detail what it is you offer and what is your added value.
  3. Make sure you LP loads quickly since there are still millions of people using dial-up.
  4. A nice picture related to your product/service (preferably of or with a person)
  5. A form with the least amount of fields necessary for you to capture vital details about your potential client.
  6. Put signs of trust on the LP.
If your business relates to several niches and you could bring traffic from a variety of keywords you will be 372% more successful once create a LP for every niche.
Reminder: The name of the Google game is "RELEVANCE"!!! the more your adgroup name is related to your keyword is related to your ad text is related to you LP the higher your CTR & QS will be & the lower your CPC will be & the more successful you will be.

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SDfourLIFE said...

Here is the best place to create a landing page? I'm using a pretty basic one right now but would love to change it up! Thanks for the help!

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