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November 1, 2008

The name of the game is relevancy...

Organizing a PPC account properly is vital for its success. This is true since the Google Adwords keyword quality score (QS) is determined by the following relevancy chain..

  1. Search Query relevancy to the keywords in your adgroup.
  2. Keyword relevancy to the adgroup name - NOT TRUE
  3. Text ad relevancy to the keyword.
  4. Relevancy of previous factors to your landing page (LP).
If the search query is relevant to the ad text & the content of the landing page of your site, you will be handsomely rewarded with a higher quality score. The higher your QS the lower your Cost Per Click (CPC) will be and you will have a better chance on accomplishing positive ROI (of course or website & business model must also be at a high level)

Quality score is also determined by your ad click thru rate (CTR), maximum bid price, page loading time & other factors. Setup & organization are vital to quality score and your account's overall performance.

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