Configuring Google Adwords Account Settings

November 5, 2008

The process of configuring a Google Adwords account correctly could take a lot of time but is very important in order to achieve max return on advertising spend! The main factor you must understand is that the more relevant & targeted your campaigns are the more control you have over their performance.
Here are some secret tips for setting up your Google Adwords account correctly:

  1. If you decide to use broad match in your account be sure to create a separate campaign for broad keywords, since they can be very hazardous & attract very non relevant traffic. We have very bad experience with broad match & highly recommend treating it personally in order to lower your risk. Give your broad campaigns a smaller budget. If you do not have a very big budget we suggest you don't use broad match at all.
  2. Phrase & Exact match should go together in the same campaign.
  3. Understand where your target audience is located and start creating seperate campaigns accordingly.
  4. If your GEO targeting is worldwide create a campaign for the major countries with the highest search volume of your main keywords, you may check this using Google Trends. Start by creating a campaign for every country that speaks the language of your product & has a high search volume of your main keywords.
  5. If your GEO targeting is a whole country than create a campaign for every major metropolitan area. That way you will be able to write custom ads targeting that specific area by using the metropolitans area name in you text ads.
  6. If your business i small & local use Google custom GEO targeting and advertise in a radius of 40 Miles around.
  7. Once you have finished creating your campaigns you must decide on what language browsers you want to show your results. you may decide to show only in English. We recommend showing your ads in all languages. WHY? since your keywords are what trigger your ads meaning that if all your keywords are in English than only someone who searches in English will see your ads, even if his browser settings are Spanish.
  8. Splitting up the initial test budget - If you have only one campaign that should be simple. If you have more than choose the most targeted campaign and give it the bulk of your Daily budget & If you have broad keyword campaigns give them a small budget in order to minimize your risk.
If you have any questions regarding setting up your Google Adwords campaign do not hesitate to ask. we will answer.

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