PPC Keyword Research Guide

October 31, 2008

In order to begin creating your MKL (Master Keyword List) Brainstorm & think of all the different services, products, synonyms & related topics related to your business. Try to imagine what keywords you would search for if you were looking for your product or service. Write down all of these keywords in a master list, preferably in excel. These will be your "seeds", seeds are the main keywords that will be attracting most of your traffic. Once you have created a list of seeds it is time to expand them and find all of their long tails. Here are some ppc keyword tools you may use during this process that will help you find your seeds & long tails: Use keyword research tools to find synonyms & related keywords. Search engines a fabulous resource that can also give you ideas of related topics and synonyms. Use your friends as a makeshift focus group; this is a great way to think outside of your own frame of reference. Finally, read/research - begin using the words you found and search with those phrases. Spend at least a full or day or two getting to know your industry inside and out, adding more and more seeds to your master keyword list. Once you have finished creating this initial list of seed keywords and phrases, you are ready for keyword expansion, ultimately arriving at a very large and comprehensive list of phrases that drive qualified traffic to your website.

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