Pay Per Click - Search Engine Marketing - Dictionary

October 30, 2008

PPC - Pay Per Click
CPC - Cost Per Click
CPA - Cost Per Acquisition
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Seed - Niche keywords of your ppc campaign
Google Adwords - A business marketing program provided by Google,
PPC Budget - The amount of money you are willing to spend on clicks
Key Word - KW - Terms which are used in search engines
ROI - Return on investment
Conversion - the fulfillment of a goal target
Conversion rate - The percentage of goals met out of the people who clicked on your ads
CTR - Click Through Rate
CPL - Cost Per Lead
CPM - Cost Per Thousand impressions
PPC Account
PPC Campaign
PPC Adgroup
Split testing
LTV - Life Time Value - The true value of a Lead/Sale/Conversion

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