Google Adwords Pay Per Click Tutorials

December 18, 2008


  1. Forming & Understanding Goals
  2. Creating a Master Keyword List - MKL
  3. Campaign & Adgroup Organization
  4. Writing Ads & Ad A/B Testing
  5. Choosing Landing Pages
  6. Calculating your initial Test Budget
  7. Configuring Account GEO Targeting & Settings
  8. Setting up Conversion Tracking
  9. Launch!
  1.  Keyword Bid Management - Phase I
  2. CPA Bid Management
  3. Ad Optimization
  4. SQR & other analytics solutions
  5. Reporting, Analytics, and Negatives
  6. PnL - Profit and Loss - Roi - Return on Investment

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Ballantine said...

These tutorials are still great for people starting out. I have also discovered a few good tools along the way such as SpyFu and Keyword Tracker.

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