PPC Spy Tools - Our Favorites

October 18, 2008

Here is a list of our favorite, most commonly used PPC Spy Tools we use to do our keyword  market research, make strategic decisions, spy on competitors, and generally build out our campaigns. 

  1. Keywordspy - Our #1 Reverse Engineering Spy Tool 
  2. WinnerAlert - Indispensible Ads A/B Split Testing Tool
  3. Google Global -  Preview Ads in other geotargets, ie. "geospoofing"
  4. Google Keyword Tool - The Meat & Potatoes
  5. Google Traffic Estimator - See traffic potential.
  6. Google Trends / Insights - Check it out.
  7. Content Bully - Jumpstarts Placement targeting.
  8. 20 Dollar Banners - Like it Says...
  9. Artisteer - Website template generator
  10. Campaign Monitor - Great Email Service.
  11. Fresh Books - Track your time. Invoice your clients online.

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