Why use PPC before SEO - Get your Head around This

August 8, 2008

Search engine optimization is the buzz word today. Hey, wouldn't you love to appear on the first page of the search results pages, driving hoards of FREE traffic to your site? Who wouldn't. That's what SEO is all about.

Repeat together - The main goal of SEO - search engine optimization is to drive FREE traffic to your site. We call this "organic", as compared to the sponsored links, which are paid. People are NINE TIMES more likely to click on the organic/free results! Need we say more as to why SEO is vital to the success of your website?

That being said, there IS an important place for paid search advertising, as part of your SEO strategy. Let's elaborate...

The secret to SEO is know which phrases, or keyword phrases to optimize your site for. You can NOT afford to guess; SEO takes a lot of planning and implementation in order to succeed. Those top 10 free listings can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, or more, in revenue per month! You cannot afford to spend 6-12 months going after a certain keyword only to realize that it doesn't convert, or that you had no chance from the get go of even competing with the big boys.


PPCPROZ is all about the step by step methodology and implementation of utilizing PPC to find those "money keywords". First, beginning with vertical market keyword research - choosing the subsegment of the industry you'd like to dominate. I know... this is may be way above your head... spinning is it?

Always begin SEO with PPC. Why? First, with pay per click advertising we see immediate results...within 15 minutes of pressing "play". The free results, on the other hand, can take 3-12 months to achieve. Who can wait that long to test their ads, products, website? Did you catch that thought? Testing! With PPC we are not only going live NOW, bringing immediate qualified traffic, we are already testing from day one. SEO is the ultimate finale, the conclusion. You can't "take back" your free listing, its not under your control. With PPC you can change your Ad every day, test your ads, test your landing pages. It doesn't sell? Redo. Start from scratch. With SEO... too bad Charlie. You can't have a take back.

Second, with PPC we can measure ROI. We tell you if "bificocal glasses" makes you money or loses you money. Maybe "reading glasses" is a big money maker? By using PPC we can quickly test ROI. btw, if you are advertising with PPC without measuring conversions or return on investment... this is called branding, or advertising just for the sake of exposure. The truth is ... only big companies can afford this... avoid this if you can. But did you know... about 95% of PPC advertisers do NOT track goals/conversions! Hard to believe, but true.

PPC your SEO ... this PPCPROZ systematic approach ensures not only immediate relevant traffic, but also long term success in the free listings.

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Anonymous said...

Good point you make here.
Optimizing a site for the wrong keywords is a royal pain in the ..., so anything that can help identify converting keywords is worth trying before starting organic SEO.

SubmitYOURArticle.com said...

Interesting perspective, there really are some good points that is worth looking into this post. For some, PPC would be the last thing to look into, believing that PPC is costly and the conversion rates doesn't equate to the ROI. It does really make sense that using PPC first before seo is beneficial.

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