What is SEO, and why is SEO important to PPC?

August 8, 2008

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". SEO is the onsite methodology of improving your visibility on search engines such as Google by understanding how the search engine algorithms work, and building your website and web presence around these algorithms. The goal of SEO is to increase the likelihood that your website will rank in the natural search results of a search engine for specific keywords.

Onsite techniques involve:

  1. Metatitle and Metadescription tags
  2. H1 and H2 Header tags
  3. Content and linkage of body
SEO is not really that complicated, what is confusing though, is knowing which key phrases to optimize for. This involves some keyword research, to find the most commonly searched phrases that are relevant to your business model, and that means conversions, don't forget that for one second.

Why is SEO important to PPC?

I thought that PPC is not dependant on search engine algorithms? True, But! PPC now also checks the content of your landing page, to be sure that the search experience is a quality experience. Therefore, SEO is vitally important to PPC. SEO greatly aids the PPC bot to understand the content of your page, and rewards you with a higher "quality score", if there is a synchonization of relevance to the adgroup you are bidding on. If your SEO is properly organized, this helps the bot see the relevance, and you are thus rewarded with a higher quality score, and a lower min cost per click CPC.

PPCPROZ supplies these SEO recommendations, on a monthly reporting basis, directly to your webmaster, who will then need to update the landing pages according to our recommendations. These SEO reports, and the changes to the landing pages will immediately benefit the PPC campaigns, and may even result in higher organic search results listings, the free ones. There are no guarantees on this, and PPCPROZ does not actively monitor or promote organic listings, although we are more than willing to recommend an SEO company that doese. We believe in doing what we do best, and that is PPC.

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Exactly SEO is forever and PPC for the time being. Nice post

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