What is SEM, or Search Engine Marketing?

August 8, 2008

SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing". SEM is the method of improving your visibility on search engines such as Google through management of pay-per-click advertising, cost per million impression advertising on the content network, or other internet marketing methods like: social media marketing SMM, or social media optimtization SMO, or search engine optimization SEO.

Search Engine Marketing is always evolving, as are the search engine algorithms that are used to rank search queries.

Pay Per Click PPC advertising, on the other hand, is slower to evolve, and is more or less a stable medium, meaning that you won't wake up one morning to see that your page one listing has dissappeared, and you are about to go bankrupt as a result. PPC is a scientific methodology, if used correctly, will handsomely, and predictably continue to reward you with a steady flow of relevant and qualified traffic to your site.

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