How is PPCPROZ different from a Traditional Advertising Agencyf?

August 8, 2008

PPCPROZ is an advertising agency that works exclusively with Search Engine Advertising. We focus primarily on search results listings, the sponsored links results above and next to the organic, or free search results listings.

Secondarily, we place your ads: text, image, animated, flash, gadgets, flash, radio, tv or print within the Google or Yahoo Content network, which can be based on the cost per click CPC or alternately the cost per thousand impressions system.

PPCPROZ can cooperate with traditional advertising methods, like TV, Print, or Radio Ads, by inserting a specific domain, used ONLY for that TV ad for example. We can then exactly track visits to that domain, which is setup only for that specific TV commercial. This is how PPCPROZ can cooperate with more traditional advertising mediums.

Currently, PPCPROZ is not producing TV or Radio Ads in house, but we are happy to liason with these professionals.

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