Hot Leads - When does a Lead get Cold? How to use Adwords Ad Scheduling to Accomplish this.

August 25, 2008

I just read on marketingsherpa that: it is VERY IMPORTANT to reply to a lead within 5 -10 minutes! Imagine that. Also, according to the study: replying to a lead in 24 hours, may actually give you a negative impact..."jeez if it takes them 24 hours to get back to me..."

Conclusion: get back to leads FAST, and don't pay for leads that you can't handle; eg. if you are running an adwords lead generation campaign, and you are overwhelmed with leads... consider running your ads only during the hours of the day/week that you KNOW you can reply immediately, especially if the CPA on the leads isn't cheap.

Edit campaign settings in your Adwords Campaign, and enter the Ad Scheduling module, and change accordingly. We will ad a video tutorial on the main site at some time as well.

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